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Seenly: Photo Booth for everyone (Time-Waster)

Mac users have, for quite some time now, been able to kill time with Photo booth, Apple's software that allows you to take photos (and apply fun filters) via the built in iSight cameras. However reader Keifari wrote in to tell us about a neat new site that (whilst still in Alpha) uses Flash to allow anyone with a Flash-accessible webcam to kill time with an online Photo booth.

Seenly offers you a number of different effects, including a Lomo 9 effect (where 9 shots are taken in shot sucession, and placed in a single frame), and you can save photos to the service too. If you're not on a Mac, and want to have a little bit of fun with a webcam you might have, this might be just the ticket.

Tags: photobooth, timewasters, webcam