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Adium 1.1 for Mac Released

Adium, the multi-protocol, open source, Instant Message client for Mac OS X has today reached version 1.1. Whilst the team behind the project have been releasing regular updates to the client, this particular update is of note due to its much longer development period (according to the Adium blog, version 1.1 has been a year in the making).

So what's new? Firstly there'sa dose of "tastier tabs". Tabs are something Adium has had for a while, however the new tabs, part of the Google Summer of Code project, are indeed far tastier. There's a plethora of other new features too, however one of note is the new ability to import iChat message logs to Adium - Adium has long held its own over iChat's basic transcript handling. In other news, MSN 'nudges' and Yahoo! Buzzes are fully supported too.

Adium is, of course, a free download and supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Jabber / GTalk and more protocols.

Update: Reader Racco notes in the comments that v1.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4.0 Tiger.

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