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Windows XP SP3 leaked

Robin Hood was revered because he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. And while it's not quite the same thing, there isn't a whole lot of sympathy being thrown towards Microsoft when it was heard that a testing release of Windows XP SP3 was leaked and is floating around the internet now. Everyone loved watching Mel Gibson prove he's an idiot. Everyone loved watching Kramer lose his mind. And everyone loves when things don't go as planned for Microsoft. We love when people who seem to have everything together show that they don't. Plus this Windows leak is an hilarious slap in the face to Steven Sinofsky's little attempt at complete secrecy. It's so fitting that he'd be unsuccessful at keeping things secret, since he looks a bit like a really terrible magician (see picture).

SP3 was given to a limited pool of testers in July, after being repeatedly delayed. It was originally planned to be release in 2005. Boy, did that ever go well. The leaked version of SP3 is not quite the finished product, or even a completed Beta, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming an incredibly popular torrent download. It comes in at around 340 Mb and can be found pretty much everywhere. But then again, you'd never download something illegally like this, would you?

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