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Intense Debate lets you track, thread, and syndicate blog comments

Intense DebateTechStars has released Intense Debate, which at its most basic level is a blog commenting system. If you're a blog author, you can plug Intense Debate into WordPress, TypePad, or Blogger blogs. You'll get more control over your comments area as well as analytic tools.

Visitors to your site will be able to leave threaded comments. But by far the coolest features of Intense Debate show up when you register for an account.

Users can create a profile, add friends, and post a link to their blog. When you leave a comment on an blog with Intense Debate installed, your avatar will show up. Readers can click on it to add you as a friend, find you on Twitter, visit your blog, or subscribe to your blog or comments.

That's right, you can syndicate your comments from various blogs. If you're a prolific blog commenter, the messages you leave on the blogs you visit might often be more interesting than some of the posts on your own web site. Of course, it could also be hard for readers to comprehend what the heck you're talking about as you leave messages on various blogs if they don't take the time to visit the original sites and read the posts you're responding to.

You can see the system in action at the TechStars blog, or you can check out Intense Web Media co-founder Josh Morgan's profile and comment feed.

Intense Debate is still in beta, meaning you can't install it on your blog yet. But you can sign up for an account.

[via TechCrunch]

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