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Online ad spends are getting ready to explode

Online ad spends are getting ready to explodeThe internet has proved itself for not only a popular playground, but a source of extremely important information and a viable advertising platform. It took a while for brands to realize that the internet is a far better alternative to say newspapers, TV and magazines for better targeting customers but they have.

It has been projected that Internet advertising could hit close to $61 billion by 2011, far surpassing newspapers to become the leading ad medium. Consumers have also tended to shut themselves down from ad supported media, and spent more time with media they support, like the internet and video games, which saw a rise of 19% in 2006 since 2001. That caused a drop in ad supported media like newspapers and broadcast television of 6%, or 1899 hours per person since 2001. In 2006 online ad spends hit a record number of $15 billion.

How do DLS readers feel about this? Do you prefer to check out ads online as opposed to TV, radio and in newspapers? And do you think the online landscape will be compromised with an abundance of ads given this shift in ad spends?

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