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Download Squad's Invite-a-palooza: Day 8

Eight days into our Invite-a-palooza, we want to give a shout out to all readers who have taken the time to check out all the neat sites we've featured. We're having a great time giving out invitations, and we're not done yet.

Freebase, a collective knowledge database, is a terrific twist on information Web sites like Wikipedia. The creators of Freebase describe it as an "almanac" that sorts and organizes information so it is easily searched by people and software. Once it's opened to the public, users will be able to structure, contribute, search, and organize data for themselves. Since all the data in Freebase is licensed Creative Commons Attribution, users can also copy data for their own use as long as it's linked back to Freebase.

Though the site it still closed to the public, we have some invitations that will let you get in the door early. If you're among first 100 people to leave us a note in the comment section, we'll send one your way (make sure to activate it if you get an email confirmation). If you don't get in under the wire today, be sure to check back to see who's featured next.

If you know of a site you'd like us to consider for the Invite-a-palooza, drop us a note.

UPDATE: We've given away all 100 invitations for today's featured site but check back tomorrrow to see who's up next!

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