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Choose where to call home with the help of StreetAdvisor

Choose where to call home with the help of StreetAdvisorHaving a hard time deciding where to live? StreetAdvisor makes those decisions a little easier for renters and buyers. TechCrunch posted about an array of new features added to the website, but since DLS has not yet covered this helpful product that launched earlier this year, and the fact that its starting to generate more street reviews we'll give it a little rundown.

StreetAdvisor plain and simply gives reviews on countries, states, cities and of course streets, sharing information and details that are important to anyone making the hard decision on where to call home. StreetAdvisor's content includes anything from details on community noise levels, traffic, entertainment options and information on local services and businesses. Members on the site can share and rank their street information, as well as upload any photos they might have of the area. They are also encouraged to share such details as life in that area, what the public services, such as what school and healthcare are like, real estate activities, and what there is to do close by.

It's going to take a while we presume, but StreetAdvisor is slowly adding to its database of areas since its launch in private beta in February of this year.

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