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Window Clipping helps you make better screenshots

Window ClippingsLooking for a free Windows screen capture utility now that FastStone has gone from freeware to shareware? Well, for simple screenshots you can still just hit print screen and paste into your favorite image editor. Or you can use irfanview's screen capture utility to capture individual windows.

But if you're looking for something a bit more advanced, you might want to check out Window Clippings. The light-weight application comes in free and $10 varieties.

The free version lets you:
  • Include multiple windows in your selection
  • Launch option window or screen capture from command line
  • Convert images to black and white
For $10 you get a few more options, like the ability to include the mouse cursor in your screenshot, freeze the window while capturing, and capture a file to the clipboard.

[via CyberNet]

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