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MediaWhiz buys AuctionAds

AuctionAdsTechCrunch is reporting that eBay affiliate marketing company AuctionAds has been acquired by MediaWhiz, the same company that purchased TextLinkAds last year.

AuctionAds lets blogs and web sites make money by advertising relevant eBay auctions. Unlike contextual advertising services like Google's AdSense, AuctionAds listings are generated through a keyword search. Users select a few words, create an ad and place it on their site. Every time someone clicks through an ad to buy a product you'll get a small cut.

AuctionAds was originally launched as a partnership between MediaWhiz and Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoney. Shoemaker is now confirming that MediaWhiz bought out his portion of the company. He says AuctionAds has grown substantially in the 4 months since launch. Over 25,000 publishers are displaying more than 300 million ads per day. And Shoemaker says MediaWhiz is in a better position to grow the company than his Shoemoney Media Group would have been.

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