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Find popular websites with fichey

Fichey is a new web discovery service. But unlike digg, reddit, Fichey doesn't let you submit and share web sites with other users. Rather, it lets you find popular stories from digg, reddit, StumbleUpon and other sites.

What Fichey provides is a simple Flash-based tool for flipping through web pages. You won't actually be taken to those pages, you remain on Fichey's site the whole time while screenshots of the day's top stories are loaded. Because of this, the pages don't load like normal web pages. Rather when you click a button to see the next page, an image is loaded into the Flash interface using transition effects.

While the service isn't really that useful for anyone who wants to, you know, actually visit the web sites you're reading about, the presentation is quite remarkable. To be honest, the screencast above doesn't really do the site justice, because it was recorded at a low framerate, so we suggest you just go check Fichey out for yourselves for a moment. And then move along.

[via TechCrunch]

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