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Learn to speak like a lolcat (you know you want to)

Unless you've been living under a scratching post lately, you've probably heard of lolcats and the shiny craze it has inspired. Visitors to I Can Has Cheezburger?, the website that started it all, often converse with each other in lolcat-speak, and some of the more rabid fans even use it when texting or instant messaging their significant others. Or, um, so we've heard.

Anyway, if you're not fluent in lolcat-speak but want to have some fun with other lolcat-fanciers, Speaklolcat can help. It's a web-based translator that helps turns any English phrases into lolcat language. For example:

Lolcats are in your world, planning your domination


Lolcats r in ur wurld, plannin ur dominashun

Though it's fun just to play around with, the lolcat translator is also handy tool for creating captions to put on your own cat photos. If you want to eventually move beyond the translator, you can always learn LOL-Kitteh as a second language. Kthxbai.

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