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Google testing new animated homepages

google testing animated homepagesGoogle has been experimenting with totally different homepages in both Taiwan and in Hong Kong than what other countries have experienced.

During a conference call the end of last week, Sergey Brin announced that Google has been testing another version of its homepage that adds a row of icons across the top of the search bar, and animated icons below it. The search giant has been taking advantage of the higher broadband speeds in these markets and pushing the types of content they can serve visitors.

Google has also been experimenting with the iGoogle homepages in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Adding both tabbed content and animated icons for Google services. Will these experiments make their way to the U.S. and other countries in some form? Most likely not. Local culture and higher connection speeds allow for these types of additions in these regions.

What do you think; would you like to see these additions rolled out on Google in other countries?

[via pcworld]

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