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Backpack Preview 3: You can finally move items between pages!

Yea, that's right, we used an exclamation point (!) in a post headline - that's how excited we are that 37signals just released a new preview post and video demo of one of the most-requested Backpack features ever: moving items to different pages. Especially appealing to the GTD crowd, the ability to move items between pages will blow open the doors on Backpack's usefulness for everything from keeping useful tidbits of info handy (even on your mobile phone) to managing projects and robust todo lists. Anything will be draggable from one page to another - notes, files, pictures and lists - and you can even drop an item on the 'Make a new page' button. Items dropped onto a page will be placed at the top of said page, easy to find and organize at a later date.

If you can't wait for the new Backpack to debut (though a scheduled maintenance alert warns that the service will be down tomorrow night at 10 pm Central Time), 37signals has even provided a demo video (in QuickTime) of the new feature in action. Note, however, that the Backpack in the video is running in a slower development mode, so the live version should apparently function with a bit more zip once they flip the switch.

On behalf of Backpack users everywhere, 37signals, we at Download Squad would like to thank you for answering the call.

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