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Optimize Mint web stats for both desktop browsers and your iPhone

Mint is a powerful, extensible web statistics package from Shaun Inman, web designer extraordinaire. With a wide array of plug-ins that can even incorporate stats from other services like FeedBurner, Mint is a one stop, self-installable shop for virtually any and all stats you will ever have to view for your site. In fact, one of Mint's strengths is that it can be customized to scale down gracefully to a one-column view for users who prefer the option to view their stats on mobile devices. Even after getting an internet-rich iPhone, however, Richard Herrara doesn't want to have to chose between the default two-column view or the device-optimized view - so what's a web hacker to do? Why, hack one of Mint's files to auto-detect the iPhone browser and only display the one-column view for that particular device, of course! Head over to Herrara's site for the instructions on two simple edits you must make to Mint's head.php file, as well as a custom iPhone stylesheet to upload for some dual-mode desktop/iPhone Mint-y goodness.

[via Peppermint Tea]

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