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Find your new school with Campus Explorer

Campus Explorer
Applying for college or graduate school can be a nerve-wracking experience. You spend all this time and money filling out your application and financial aid forms and send them off to begin the waiting game, only to spend that time wondering if there's some other amazing school you forgot to apply to.

Campus Explorer makes it a lot easier to research colleges and universities. Want to go to school in Chicago? Just enter a city, region, or zip code, and Campus Explorer will spit out a list of universities with basic information like the average annual tuition. You can also search by degree type or field of study.

Want to find out more about a particular institution? Click on a university to read an overview from Wikipedia, a "mission statement," and statistics about part time and full time enrollment, how many students live on or off campus, how many receive financial aid, the breakdown of male to female students. You can also see the application fee, acceptance rate, and what scores the institution expects on standardized tests.

Oh yeah, there's information about courses of study as well.

You can still get much more detailed information for most colleges and universities by visiting their homepages directly. But Campus Explorer is a great place to start your college search, as it gives you most of the information you need all in one place.

The only thing that would make the site better is a space for users to leave comments about various schools. This would probably have to be a highly moderated feature in order to keep trolls from bashing rival schools. But it'd be nice to get a sense of what actual students think .

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