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Xinu lives on

Shortly after we discovered web statistics site Xinu, the developer's servers seem to have overloaded, because users reported that the site was unavailable.

Well, it looks like Xinu's been resurrected. The developer has published the source code under a creative commons license and listed a series of mirrors where you can check out the service. The developer suggests that the code isn't particularly pretty, but anyone with the necessary know how is welcome to help work out the bugs.

In the meantime, Xinu's still a nifty little tool for checking a whole slew of web statistics in one place. Among other things, you can find your Google PageRank, your Technorati Authority, how often pages from your site have been submitted to social bookmarking pages, and how many readers have subscribed to your site using Bloglines.

Of course, all of this is freely available data, but Xinu saves you the time and trouble of tracking down each statistic one by one.

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