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Blog tag: 5 ways to improve Opera web browser

OperaRyan from Cybernet tagged us, so now we have to come up with 5 suggestions for improving the Opera web browser. There are a lot of things to love about Opera. The company makes one of the finest mobile web browsers around. And the desktop version renders pages quickly and has a great fit-to-screen feature. But there are some web pages that still don't work properly in Firefox.

In no particular order, here are 5 things that would make Opera a better browser:
  1. Opera added tabs long before Internet Explorer. That's great. But when you've only got one window open, the tab toolbar takes up more screen space than you need. Why not make tabs work the same way as they do in Firefox. The toolbar only pops up when you open your second tab.
  2. Why do we have to visit the Opera website every time a new version is released. There should be an auto-updater.
  3. Support for 3rd party add-ons/extensions
  4. An integrated spell-checker
  5. Integrate widgets more tightly with the browser experience. Not that we really need widgets anchored to the browser, but the way Opera handles widgets now, they're pretty much just like Yahoo Widgets or Vista Gadgets running in the background.
According the rules of the game, we have to tag some folks, so we're going to go with Alex Chitu, SolSie, Kevin C. Toefel, Adam Pash, and Jordan Running.

Feel free to jump in with more suggestions in the comments.

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