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YouTube launches custom video players

YouTube's been busy rolling out tweaks to their ubiquitous video player. And it's not all about placing advertising on the screen. They've also launched a new custom player feature that lets you decorate your player in one of nine unattractive color schemes. The cool part is that you can also create a custom playlist for your player.

Here we have 7 videos created for or featured on Download Squad at some point during the last year. The nifty thing about the new player is that you can check each video out without leaving this page. The down side is that the player really wants to be 500 pixels by 430 pixels, so it doesn't quite fit into our site design. We had to crop it to make it sort of fit the page, so you can't see the glorious green border as Google intended it.

You'll need a YouTube account to create a custom player. And you'll probably want to create a new playlist in your favorites section unless you want to embed the videos of your cat prancing around the apartment along with your tech demos.

[via Google Operating System]

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