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Pageflakes: like bran flakes, but more fun. Now with two scoops of widgets.

Pageflakes might sound like a really bad knock-off brand cereal aimed at those nerdy heavy reading kids, but it's so much more than that. We've covered them before, but today they launched a slurry of new features in what they've all-to-cleverly called their "Blizzard" release. The highlight of the release would be the move to a social network, where users can connect based on common interests. Everyone has their own profile page, and others with similar interests are displayed.

Along with the networking, they've also teamed with some big names and had them create there own Pagecasts. The impressive list includes USA Today, Rolling Stone, CNN, and AOL. Plus, unlike the somewhat similar Netvibe's Universe, anyone can create a public page with Pageflakes. And the widgets, oh the widgets. Or flakes, as they call them (caught onto the snow motif yet?). There are 240,000 to date, which is a pretty impressive number of widgets. Especially if you can convince your friends that a widget is actually a walrus midget (little person), and that an army of them 240,000 strong is on their way to take over the country. Seriously, how cool would that be? Can you imagine that? They'd be deadly cute, but would pack a crazy bite. Alright, first one to create a midget walrus gets $75. Come on people, let's make this happen. Oh, and check out Pageflakes too.