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ZipTorrent aims to muck up your downloading experience

Most of the time when we tell you about a new BitTorrent client, we're highlighting some new feature that will make it easier for you to download large files. Legal files only, of course.

ZipTorrent takes a step in the other direction. Torrentfreak reports that there's been some movement by anti-piracy groups looking to clog up the peer-to-peer pipes, although it's unclear whether the name ZipTorrent is accurate, or if the screenshot above shows a real client. It's possible that MediaDefender or a similar group could be behind the Azureus-based BitTorrent client.

It turns out it's not too difficult to avoid connecting to "peers," using ZipTorrent, as they will be clearly identified as such in most clients. Or you can block the list of IP addresses users have identified as fakes

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