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37signals releases preview of new Backpack update

Let the 37signals hype machine begin again! After a few Basecamp updates and the release of their slick new Highrise contact management app, Backpack seemed all but lost to the depths of web app limbo. But wait! As if from a great fog, 37signals has published the first preview in a series that proves the revolutionary PIM web app is anything but lost! In this first post, the company has begun showing off some upcoming changes with a new 'items anywhere' feature. No more will your Backpack pages be laid out for you with lists at the top, followed by notes, files. etc. - you will be able to lay out your items in whatever way fits your workflow best. How this will affect other features like emailing items into your pages, and whether this could usher in the much sought-after ability to move items from one page to another, still remains to be seen. It's definitely good news that 37signals prefixed this post with 'Preview 1,' though there is still the down side of no ETA for the arrival of this much-welcomed update to Backpack. Guess we'll all have to stay tuned.

Thanks Dave!

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