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FairUse4WM now defeats Zune DRM

FairUse4WMSeveral months after Microsoft dropped its lawsuit against the developer of FairUse4WM because it couldn't find him or her, the utility has been updated to version 1.3 Fix-2.

FairUse4WM strips DRM from Windows Media Audio files purchased online. The latest version can remove DRM protection from songs downloaded from Microsoft's Zune Marketplace, meaning you can play your legally purchased music on pretty much any device, not just Microsoft's Zune.

It's not clear whether the update comes from the same developer Microsoft was after or a new hacker. However, the new program was uploaded by a Doom9 Forum member named "Divine Tao," which is an anagram of Viodentia, the name the original hacker had gone by.

[Thanks Abdul!]

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