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Posting to Pownce and Twitter at the same time

post to pownce and twitter at the same time

If you are faced with the decision of what tidbits of your life to post on Pownce and what to post on Twitter, worry no more, and post to both at the same time.

There is a little hack that Jetpacked brought into the light that makes it possible with TwitterFeed. Normally, Twitterfeed would be used to feed your blog into Twitter, but by creating a link to your Pownce accounts RSS instead of your blog, posting in one place makes it possible to post in two at the same time. You can start things off by using your OpenID to log into, then entering your Twitter credentials, and using your Pownce feed ( as the RSS Feed URL, and set the frequency rate.

No more deciding what network to use, your Pownces will now be automatically Twittered.

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