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Keep people up to date with mySay

mysaymySay lets friends stay in touch with friends by recording voice updates and dispatching them to friends.

The update service works by dialing up a special mySay phone number and saying what you're up to, dropping your latest news, making a statement, or whatever you like. Don't want to use your own voice? Upload an mp3 or have the mySay robots say it for you. Friends can then call in to check messages, listen online or by email. If mySay users have a blog, website, or are part of a social network, a widget can be inserted so that visitors to the page can hear what has to be said.

Just another cool service that can clutter up Facebook, MySpace, and blogs everywhere. The mySay service is available is the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium & Switzerland, with new countries are set to be added in the future.

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