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TwitterGram - speak your mind on Twitter

If you like to Twitter, now you can speak your mind - so to speak. Twitter gets even better with an amazing new innovation - sound. Thanks to uber tech Dave Winer, now you can send an mp3 file through your phone or computer as a TwitterGram, and your friends and the general public can click on the TinyURL and hear it.

Sending your brief recorded thoughts on your mobile (kind of a micro podcast) to the web is a saweeeet innovation. And it's incredibly easy. Here are the directions to send your voice by mobile from BlogTalkRadio's new dial-in service:

1. Choose which phone you want to use for TwitterGrams. It must have CallerID.
2. Go to the phone sign-up page and register your phone. Here you will put in your Twitter username, your phone number, and your Twitter password (which is put into a database and not used for any other purpose).

3. If you were successful in step 2, you will see a message that your phone number was saved. Then you can dial 646-716-6000, and record a brief message (200K limit), then hang-up. You message should then go to the Twitogram timeline, for all to see and now hear.

Here's a sample TwitterGram created for this post:

To send a Twittergram from your computer, you can follow these directions:

1. Go to
(See top screenshot). Input your Twitter username and your password.

2. You can then select a title for your Twittergram (75 characters or less) and then you can upload your 200K or less mp3 file.

3. Your mp3 file will then be posted on the TwitterGram global account. If you checked a box to post to the global account and your friends, then your friends will see your gram in addition to all the other people who are following TwitterGrams.

If you use (or are going to), let us know how well you like TwitterGram.

[via Scobleizer]

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