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Finding cell phone signals with SignalMap

signalmap, mapping cell phone signalsCell phone signals are pretty easy to catch now. Major providers have boosted their signals, and troubleshooted hard to reach areas, but every once and a while we hit a dead spot and the dreaded "hello?, hello? Are you there? hello?" kicks into play.

SignalMap hopes to alleviate any pain in this area. They have used the Google Maps API and mapped up a user generated list of cell phone signals by major service providers, mapping dead spots and comparing signal strengths.

There are a lot of mapped signal areas, but it is not by any means a comprehensive guide at the moment. However, it's building into a great site to check before heading out on business or pleasure to check if you might be heading into a bad area. To help the directory grow users can add their signal strengths, phone type and carrier to the list.


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