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Get set to download some web apps for the iPhone

apple iphone applicationsNow that all the first day iPhone-ers have them up and running, (hopefully, given the backlog that occurred), The next question they might be asking is "Where can I get some applications to fill this sucker up?."

If you've spent last night and this morning tooling around on your new iPhone, have everything set up, and want to check out how some additional applications work on it, DownloadSquad is here to help.
  • - An Apple iPhone application directory. This site was created as a way to help developers and users get the best possible experience for their iPhones. The team is also working on a way for users to start an account and be able to manage all of their iPhone applications from one central location. This site has everything from Digg, Cheap gas, and LivePhone which integrates Xbox Live with the iPhone.
  • - This site has a directory of over 83 web applications specifically built for the iPhone, and claims to be the largest database. Its simple search interface can be accessed on mobile devices. It contains links to web apps for anything from calculators to bookmark managers to a Google Reader app.
As guessed with many of these applications, the development teams may not have had an Apple iPhone to actually test them on. So, if the apps aren't working properly, you know why. If you have made your application iPhone friendly you can also submit your site to both of these directories.

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