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YouTube hates Windows Mobile and other news - Mobile Minute

Spb Mobile ShellIn today's mobile Minute, we'll take a look at some of the latest news and software related to Windows Mobile devices.

Spb Mobile Shell 1.5 released

While you're waiting to find out if you qualify for a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, you might want to breathe some new life into your Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA or Smartphone.

Spb Mobile Shell is a complete replacement for the built in Windows Mobile Today Screen and program launcher. Sure you could use free software to design your shell, but Spb's taken the hard work out of your hands.

Version 1.5 includes the following improvements:
  • Windows Mobile 6 support
  • Menu customization
  • Easy item pinning on today
  • Ability to change the order of pinned items
  • Support for third party plug-ins
  • Device locking improvements
  • Assign Spb Menu actions to hardware keys
  • Performance, stability, and battery life optimizations
  • Integration with CorePlayer 1.1
Spb Mobile Shell costs $30, or about $$470 - $570 less than an iPhone. Prices of Windows Mobile phones vary.
CorePlayer 1.1 released

Windows Media Player not doing it for you? The folks who brought us the popular (and free) TCPMP continue to refine their commercial Core Media Player. Version 1.1 includes the new CoreTheque (pronounced "core-tech") multimedia database.


CoreTheque is a cross platform database supporting Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian, Windows, OS X and Linux. Right now it's basically a system for creating playlists, but the team plans to release plug-ins, APIs, and customizable components in the future.

Other changes in version 1.1 include:
  • Support for Windows Mobile 6.0
  • Additional support for older devices running Windows CE 4.1 and 4.2
  • BlueTooth headphone support
  • Dynamic menu system
  • Copy, Cut, Paste to Open/URL in Windows CE version
  • Storage card insertion detection and prompts
  • And of course a bunch of bug fixes
CorePlayer 1.1 is a free upgrade for existing customers. A new license will set you back $20.

YeigoYeigo adds support for Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile VoIP solution Yeigo now supports Windows Mobile 6 devices. Yeigo lets you make free voice calls to other Yeigo users. You can also chat for free with anyone on GTalk, AOL, MSN, or Yahoo! Messenges.

You can also make calls to regular telephones, but you'll have to pay by the minute. Prices vary from country to country.

You'll obviously need an internet connection in order to make VoIP calls. Yeigo supports WiFi, 3G, and HDSPA. Of ocurse, you'll want a good data plan otherwise your free VoIP calls are going to drive your monthly phone bill up, not down.

YouTube Mobile (just not Windows Mobile)

no YouTubeYou know how YouTube released a mobile interface that was supposed to make it easier for everyone to waste time at the bus stop (or at work) by watching videos of cats, dogs, and teenagers doing stupid things? Yeah, it turns out that most Windows Mobile users are out of luck.

The site uses 3GP videos, which are nearly universal on most mobile phones these days. But while the more powerful Windows Mobile Smartphones with full fledged media players can handle higher quality video, they don't do 3GP.

Fortunately there are alternatives. You can download FLV videos from YouTube and watch them on your PDA using TCPMP and the new flash video plug-in. Or you can use Orb, which allows you to search for and play YouTube videos on your Windows Mobile device. But neither solution is quite the same as opening a web browser, finding the videos you want to watch, and clicking play.

There are reports that newer HTC phones running Windows Mobile 6 include software that supports 3GP playback and can be used with YouTube's new site.

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