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Google to acquire GrandCentral

GrandCentralTechCrunch is reporting that Google will acquire GrandCentral (or already has).

GrandCentral's tag line is "one phone number for life." Basically, the service provides you with a single phone number that can be linked to every other phone in your life, including home, work, mobile, you name it.

When you get a call on your single number, you can pick up any phone to answer. All of your voicemail messages go into a single mailbox, which you can access from your phones, the web, or via email. You can even create spam folders for telemarketers.

A Google Acquisition could mean GrandCentral would be integrated into Gmail and/or GTalk. Imagine being able to check your voicemail through Gmail or make and receive phone calls in GTalk.

There's no confirmation of the deal from Google or GrandCentral yet, but GrandCentral did just update their webpage over the weekend if you want to read anything into that.

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