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Multi-user chat gets released on Google Talk Gadget

group chat for google gadgetGoogle has been tooling around with the Talk Gadget lately, and has added in the ability to have multi user chats through a Group Chat feature.

The process of chatting is simple. Select a user that you want to chat with, then click on the Group Chat button, this will allow you to connect to another user. Keep in mind, this option is only available in the Google Talk Gadget. So if the user is currently using the standalone player for Mac or Windows, or is offline, a message will get sent to them and open up in a Talk Gadget when clicked.

Google seems to be forgetting about the standalone player with the last few updates. Could they be focusing on the integrated online Google Talk Gadget for a reason? I realize offline applications are shifting towards online, but IM is something we sure could use as a standalone. Google has recently added in the support for Flickr slideshows, and emoticons in the Gadget.

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