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Microsoft Silverlight coming to a Linux box near you

The largest hurdle towards widespread adoption of Microsoft's Flash/AIR competitor "Silverlight" may have just gotten a little smaller. Miguel De Icaza, developer of the open source .Net-alike platform Mono and star employee of Novell has recently mentioned on his blog that he and a team of develpoers have been putting in extremely long days to implement Microsoft's new portable platform on Linux.

Dubbed "Moonlight", the project isn't ready for release just yet but Icaza published some excellent screenshots and is currently showing off his new baby to ReMix 2007 conference in France.

The addition of a competitive platform to Flash on Linux could mean we'll see Adobe step up development efforts. The short story -- and our sincere hope -- is, that could mena much shorter waits for equal Flash versions to our Windows pals.

[via The Inquirer]

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