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June 26th: a day without internet radio

Day of SilenceNext month internet radio stations will have to begin paying new royalty rates that will be high enough in some cases to put the webcasters out of business. Of course, the implementation date has been pushed back a few times, and Congress is considering legislation that could help out the internet radio stations.

But advocates for independent radio are making their voices heard -- by shutting off their mics. On June 26th, a number of online radio stations, including Live365, AccuRadio,, and Radio Paradise are participating in a day of silence.

There's always a risk associated in this sort of silent protest. On the one hand, you're showing what the world will be like if internet radio is shut down (at least in the US). On the other, what if an internet station goes silent and no one's around to not hear it? Does it not make a sound?

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