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Microsoft collaborates with Lindows... err Linspire

LinspireLinspire is a Linux distribution designed for Windows users looking to switch to an open source operating system. It comes pre-loaded with software to make the user experience as close to Windows as possible. In fact, Linspire used to bear the name Lindows until the big M filed a little trademark lawsuit.

So while Linspire isn't the first Linux company to sign a deal with Microsoft, it's kind of funny to see the two companies working together now.

Microsoft and Linspire plan to work together on the following items:
  • Linspire, Novell, Microsoft and other companies are working on improved document compatibility so that OpenOffice and Microsoft Office play nicely together.
  • Linspire will license the RT audio codec from Microsoft to allow voice communication between MSN Messenger and Pidgin.
  • Linspire will include Windows Media 10 codecs.
  • Linspire will license Microsoft TrueType fonts.
Windows Live Search will be the default web search engine on Linspire 5.0. Wait, seriously? Is that legal?

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