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AOL to offer unlimited email storage

AOL MailIn this blog's parent company's ongoing efforts to be more like Yahoo!, AOL will be updating its email service soon to provide "unlimited" email storage. The news comes just over two months after Yahoo! announced it would be removing its cap on email storage.

In practical terms, of course, there's no such thing as "unlimited" storage. But since most users don't come anywhere near using up their 2.8GB or so of storage space on Google's GMail, it's probably safe to say that AOL and Yahoo! will be able to let a few users take up 5 or 6GB of disc space because most users will only need a few MB.

The updated AOL mail will also include an integrated chat window, embedded RSS feeds and the ability to search file attachments. AOL Mail became a free service 2 years ago, competing with web mail providers like MSN, Google, and Yahoo!

[via WebWare]

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