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Microsoft releases Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

WMDC 6.1
As expected, Microsoft pushed out an updated version of Windows Mobile Device Center yesterday. WMDC 6.1 offers a few new features. For the most part, nothing flashy, but there's some good news in here for Windows Mobile 6.0 users or pretty much anyone who needs to synchronize files between their computer and PDA or Smartphone.
  • Enhanced support for Windows Mobile 6
  • File synchronization option added for Smartphones (you could already synchronize files with touchscreen devices)
  • Configure Windows Mobile 6 devices to open documents protected with Information Rights Management
  • Synchronize HTML-formatted mail
  • Acquire certificates through the PC when your mobile device is connected
There's still no option to resolve conflicts manually as you could with ActiveSync. You can only choose to have files on your mobile device overwrite those on your PC or vice versa when there's a conflict.

Windows Mobile Device Center is available for Windows Vista users who have a mobile device running Windows Mobile 2003 or later.

[via Mel Sampat]

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