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Zerofootprint: save the planet, impress attractive hippies

So, after years of speculation it turns out that there just may be something to this global warming thing that all the cool kids are talking about. Hard to believe, isn't it? Most of us probably thought it was just like that killer bee scare that used to be all over the news. They were supposed to kill us all by now, weren't they? Then you just stopped hearing about it. But global warming seems legit. It's way worse than the killer bees. It's like cyborg terrorist killer bees made of SARS: flat out scary. But there are things you can do to help. And not recycling, or riding a bike instead of a car, or any of that other "high effort" hippie stuff. Zerofootprint, a Canadian start up, allows individual people to act like big companies, and simply buy their way to a smaller carbon footprint.

You can offset the carbon you use flying, or heating your house, or driving your car, or whatever you do to ruin the earth by purchasing offsets from their website. These offsets are bought from sellers such as tree growers, people who are part of the solution and are making up for the rest of us slobs. The site has a basic footprint calculator that can tell you your individual emissions. The startup is looking into working with companies as well as individuals to further the cause. The company is based out of Toronto and currently employs 12 people who, one can only assume, live in trees and spend an inordinate amount on Birkenstocks.