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RIAA, extortion, and conspiracy, in the same sentence

Finally someone, more specifically Ms. Del Cid has filed counterclaims against the RIAA under Florida, California, and Federal law. She's tired of the RIAA's nonsense and decided to uphold her right to defend herself and ultimately others, if this case turns out right.

The claims Ms. Cid is bringing against the RIAA are of Trespass, Computer Fraud and Abuse, Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices, Civil Extortion, and Civil conspiracy. Now we're talking. The RIAA has been terrorizing many people who they knew didn't have anything to do with alleged copyright violations, including dead people, young children, and the elderly. Ms Cid's counterclaim aims to prove exactly that the RIAA used questionable means to obtain what they refer to as evidence.

Who knows if it will slow down or bring any real resolution to the tyranny of the ridiculous, but here's crossing our fingers that it moves things in the right direction.

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