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Put Check Off on your download to-do list

Elaborate productivity tools are great but sometimes it's easy to get caught up tweaking them instead of actually being, you know, productive. Check Off is a handy little Mac-only tool that docks a simple check-off list in your menu bar and opens with just one click to remind you of all the tasks you need to complete.

If you simply must tweak, then Check Off lets you do that too. Create folders for each area of your life -- work, home, kids, hobby, etc. -- and nest to-dos inside each one. You can color code each folder, name it anything you like, and display notes in global folders or inside each task. As an added bonus, Check Off lists can also be downloaded to iPods that support the notes feature.

Check Off may not be the most full-featured to-do list manager out there, but it's simplicity and usefulness is what makes it so attractive.

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