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Google Maps Street View goes live

Google has launched its new "Street View" feature for Google Maps, and it's pretty sweet. We'd post a picture, but a video is worth a thousand words... or pictures in this case. Here's a video from Barry Schwartz showing a Street View of the area around his office building in Suffern, NY.

Basically, the Google Maps toolbar is getting a little more crowded, with a new "Street View" button next to "traffic." When you click the button, certain streets in covered areas (such as New York and San Francisco) will turn blue, and a little yellow man shows up on the screen. Click the yellow dude and drag him over to a blue street to view a street-level image.

Once you've got the street view, you can click on arrow buttons to move forward or backward. Click elsewhere on the image and drag left or right to change your angle. All the images cover 360 degrees.

[via Google Blogoscoped]

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