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What's the meaning behind Joost's IndyCar sponsorship?

joost indy sponsorshipJoost seems to be at the forefront of an explosion into public realm care of one of the worlds top ad locations, IndyCar. What does this mean? Is Joost really ready to go mainstream? If anything they just stepped up their marketing efforts this past weekend with a 7th place finish.

Joost -- the so-far leading IPtv application -- is getting pretty big in the "tech" world, with thousands of users logging in to check out the services offerings, if not tuning in on a daily basis. Could it be that this Web 2.0 service is ready to launch into the mainstream marketplace where armchair beer drinking sports fans tune in online to catch their favorite shows?

Earlier this month Joost and the IndyCar Series teamed up to broadcast races online, and have seen so much success that they are planning on adding more channels in short order. Joost currently has over 150 free quality channels of programming on its roster including Comedy Central, IndyCar, MTV, Warner Bros, National Geographic, and Reuters.

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