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Get that HDR look in Linux with Qtpfsgui

Before you ask: no, the headline is not a typo - Qtpfsgui is an app for the Linux users in the crowd that brings the oh-so hyper-realistic High Dynamic Range look to images without the need for a larger app like GIMP. However, Qtpfsgui isn't an image editor, per se - it only provides the specific tools for merging different exposures of the same image into an HDR image, so if you were shooting by hand or need to re-align one of your shots for some reason, Qtpfsgui is not the tool for those particular jobs.

Qtpfsgui works with JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats, but be careful if you edit any of these images before bringing them to Qtpfsgui, as it relies on the exposure data in the EXIF tags to properly HDR-ify your images.

Nathan Willis has a nice writeup at covering more of what Qtpfsgui is capable of, otherwise you can snag your own copy from its home at SourceForge.

Thanks again FreeRhino

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