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Dell ready to ship PCs loaded with Ubuntu 7.04

Dell with UbuntuWe knew it was coming, but today's the day. This afternoon, Dell will begin offering three different PC models pre-loaded with Linux, of the Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn variety.

There will be two desktops (the XPS 410n and Dimension E520n) and one notebook (the E1505n) available at, with starting prices ranging from $599 to $899.

Dell will offer hardware support, and has also created a new Linux section on the company's user forum for software support.

So why is Dell getting so much attention for giving consumers a choice of operating systems? Because Linux has become a lot more user friendly in the past few years, with some great desktop software for the Gnome and KDE graphical user interfaces. But most users aren't going to purchase a PC that comes preloaded with Windows and then futz with it, installing a new operating system and then struggling to make sure all the drivers and programs work.

While there are high end computer manufacturers and retailers out there who are already shipping systems pre-loaded with Linux, Dell is a consumer-oriented company. The company's decision to offer three Linux systems may wind up just being a nod to the computer geeks who flooded their request line with recommendations. But it's also possible that the move will legitimize Linux as an option for all home and office users who visit Dell's website looking for a new PC.

Oh, and did we mention that those three new Linux PCs seem to be about $50 to $100 cheaper than comparable PCs pre-loaded with Windows?

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