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Jangl dishes out a phone number for every email address

call anyone with jangl

DLS has the scoop on a hot new Jangl feature that has just sprouted up today, a way for users to call anyone online at anytime without knowing their phone number.

If you know someone's email address, but not their phone number, it's now possible to talk to them through Jangl. Michael Cerda CEO of Jangl sees this as a way to virtualize the phone number, making them as disposable as email addresses. The new JanglService now gives people a great, and virtually inexpensive way to chat by phone in 31 countries worldwide at the moment.

The service is simple to use, users start by inputing an email address on Jangl's homepage to get connected. A phone number will be displayed with a private local number for you to call them on. The first call you make will be to a voice mail system that Jangl will deliver to the recipient via email. Once the message is received, the recipient will get a local number to call and connect to you. This all allows for a secure and safe personal number.

This new service from Jangl works on any phone and is free during the beta period, with currently no news as to the future cost of this feature, besides carrier and local airtime charges.

Jangl also has another cool feature called "Call Me". This lets people connect by phone through a safe number by appending an email address to the end of

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