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Gmail doubles email attachment size to 20MB

Gmail 15MB fileIt's probably no secret that Google's 10MB size limit on email attachments wasn't set in stone. We've all probably sent and received emails with files that were a little larger than that.

But now the big G's making it official. Email attachments up to 20MB are supported. While you probably won't be using Gmail to send your ripped DVD collection to your friends anytime, soon, this comes as good news for anyone who has to frequently send moderately large files on a regular basis. As digital media continues its conquest of the the office, it's not uncommon to see PDF, Word, and Excel documents that are well over 10MB.

Of course, this means it's also a lot easier to send those large, high quality MP3 files you've got sitting on your PC across the country to your brother. Not that you'd do that, we're just saying.

[via Google Operating System]

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