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Picasa Web Albums introduces embeddable Flash slideshows

Look out Flickr, Picasa Web Albums just dropped a fancy new feature that makes it all too easy - and sexy - to share photo albums. Google's web-based photo sharing service has introduced an Embed Slideshow feature that offers a snippet of code one can easily use to display an album on their website or blog. It's pretty flexible too: five size options are available, ranging from Small 144px wide all the way up to Extra-extra Large at a whopping 800px wide. Captions can also be toggled on and off, and it's all wrapped up in a pretty Flash slideshow movie with controls that only pop up when you mouse over it.

This is a great feature that should definitely turn some heads towards Picasa (including Mac users, now that they offer a free iPhoto plugin), though their 1GB (and growing!) free storage limit is still a little too constricting. Sure, the service offers commercial upgrades with more yearly space, but those prices are a bit on the 'spensive side considering how far and fast storage costs are dropping as of late.

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