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BookSwim: just like the public library, but $24 per month

BookSwimIf you're the sort of person who likes to read three books at a time, but can't finish any of them within 30 days, and doesn't mind paying the price of a hardcover book every month without getting to keep anything, have we got the service for you!

BookSwim wants to be Netflix for books. That's right, they want you to pay a monthly fee in order to receive 5 to 11 books at a time via the mail. Unlike your public library, there's no late fee if you don't finish the book within three or four weeks. You can keep them until you're done, and then send them back.

But also unlike your public library, you have to pay a monthly fee to join. The cheapest plan lets you read up to three books at a time for $24 per month. If you've got more readers in your family the 11 books at a time plan might seem like a better deal -- at $36 per month.

Or you could, you know, go to your local library. They might not have 150,000 titles, but that's what interlibrary loan is for.

[via Uneasy Silence]

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