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MySpace buys Photobucket for more than $275 million

PhotobucketWow, didn't really see this one coming. Less than a month after blocking access to Photobucket videos, MySpace has changed tactics and purchased the photo and video hosting site for over $275 million.

While Photobucket and MySpace had a history of fighting, the two always played well together from a user perspective, with Photobucket hosting many of the images users post on their MySpace pages.

Photobucket was reportedly seeking $300 million, although TechCrunch reports that the final figure was a bit short of that.

The company has been on the market since March. And apparently that dispute over MySpace blocking Photobucket videos was what led the two companies to sit down at the table for talks. And wouldn't you know it, once that happened they realized they were made for one another all along. Isn't that sweet?

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