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Yahoo! launches web-based Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Web MessengerThe folks over at Yahoo! don't want you to download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger. That's not a typo. They've launched a web-based version of the instant messaging client.

The new client opens in a web browser window and is available to anyone with a Yahoo! account.

What are the benefits of a web-based messenger?
  • You can access your account from any computer without installing software or changing account settings.
  • Your company's IT department probably won't be able to block you from spending all day messaging your friends instead of working.
The web client supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Netscape web browsers.

The new interface seems to work great, but if your friends are scattered across multiple platforms (Yahoo!, AOL, MSN messenger), you might be better off trying out Meebo or Trillian's upcoming web client.

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