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Keeping your Wordpress alive during a traffic storm

Traffic is a double edged sword which exemplifies the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for." Getting something you wrote on the front page of Digg, Reddit or is pretty gratifying, but it also comes with one giant headache attached; How do you handle the resulting, and temporary, increase in traffic?

Turbocharged -- a for-pay solution to the problem -- offers a solid tutorial on how to weather a traffic storm. It's filled with good advice about Apache settings and MySql but, ultimately it's a sales pitch for their software. Unless you're blogging professionally, you're probably not interested in paying a license fee to decrease page generation times and increase the number of clients you can handle through caching. Fear not, there are cheaper (as in free) solutions.

If you follow the tips in Turbocharged's tutorial to tune up your blog's server settings, and replace Turbocharged with WP-Cache -- a free solution to Wordpress' CPU intensive page generation -- your wallet will be no lighter but you'll have increased the number of simultaneous hits your blog can take by ten to twenty fold.

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