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Pidgin IM final beta out - final release due this week

Pidgin IMChat client Pidgin IM (formerly known as Gaim) version 2.00 beta 7 is out, with a final 2.0 release scheduled for later this week.

The program performs very similarly to GAIM 2.00 beta 6, with some cosmetic changes, including a new Pidgin logo (which unsurprisingly looks like a pigeon). The redesign does include some under the hood changes as well, so the developers caution that this beta is actually less stable than earlier beta releases, and recommend backing up your Gaim directory before running Pidgin.

Some preferences may be lost, or buddy icons may not work, and some plugins may fail to work. In previous versions, you could easily tell whether your contacts were using AOL IM, MSN Messenger, IRC, or other chat protocols at a glance by looking at the color of their icons. Now you're presented with a green circle for each of your contacts. Hopefully this will be one of the items fixed before the final release.

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